Vol-8 Issue-4
1.Nature Talk
2.Deprivation and Development in Tribal Areas
3.Human Diversity Study in Odisha: An Overview
4.The Saptapuri Ritual and the Folk-Beliefs in Orissa
5.Report On Skeletal Material Recovered From Golabai
Vol-8 Issue-3
1.Nature Talk
2.GOPABANDHU CHOWDHURI: A Declassed Gandhite
3.Report On IND BARATH Land Acquisition Study
4.The Orissan Architecture and its Unity
5.Dam and Tribal Displacement: A Case Study of Odisha
6.A Dictionary of Place Names of Odisha: Design, Development And Analysis
7.Prevalence of Anemia among KutiaKondha of TumudibandhaBlock,Kandhamal District, Odisha
Vol-8 Issue-2
1.Nature Talk
2.Planning From Below
3.Provisioning Drinking Water in Gujarat’s Tribal Areas:Policy and Experience
4.Food Habits of Lanjia Saora and Nutritional Status of their Children
5.Rock Art Sites Around The Delta Head On The Lower Mahanadi Valley, Odisha
Vol-8 Issue-1
1.Nature Talk
2. Report Out of the green, into the dust
Tiger protection, Maoism and the Forest Rights Act: the story of Jenabil
3.Socio-Geographical Perspectives Of Education Among Girls In Eritrea
4.The Tribal Art and Literature Festival (TALF) - 2015
5.Verrier Elwin : Career and Orientation
6.Significance of Morphometric analysis of Foramen Magnum of Human Dry Crania for the Estimation of Sex
7.Dialectical Dictionaries In Odia Language As Socio-Linguistic Information Source
8.Traditions In Transition: Society Of Generation Next
Vol-7 Issue-4
1.Nature Talk
2.Reproductive Health Seeking Behavior of Tribal Women: A case study among PARAJA tribes of Laxmipur Block, Koraput district, Odisha, India.
3.Why the Middle Class Aged choose to Move from Family to Old-age Homes?
4.Socio-cultural Beliefs of Malnutrition among Kabui Tribes of Manipur
5.The Challenge of Naxalism to the Survival of Indian Democracy
6.Writers’ Workshop on the State of Education in Odisha
7.Is Relocation the Answer to Tiger Conservation?
Vol-7 Issue-3
1.Nature Talk
2.Elementary Education in Odisha
3.Health status of Tribal Women of Mayurbhanj, Odisha: A Case study
4. History of Secessionist Movements In Mizoram
5.Poverty and Child Labour in the Era of New Economic Policy in India
6.Prehistoric Rock Shelter Sites around the Delta Head on the Lower Mahanadi Valley, Odisha
7.Lady Teachers In Primary And Upper Primary Schools: Issues and Concerns
Vol-7 Issue-2
1.Nature Talk
2.Palaeolithic Sites In The Lower Mahanadi Valley
3.Marriage in the Nara Ethnic Group of Eritrea, North East Africa:Continuity and Changes
4.Why are some countries developed and others not?
5.“KULI- A Tribe of Odisha” : A Review
6.Epidemiology of blood pressure among some tribes of India:Bhumij, Bathudi and Savar
Vol-7 Issue-1
1.Nature Talk : Marginalization of Tribal Consent
2.A Portrait Of Tribal World In “THE PEOPLE OF SUNAPUT”
3.History of Marginalization: Relationship between Tribes and Forests in Odisha
4.Political Participation Of Women In Meghalaya
5.Cosmography In The Oral Tradition Of The Santhals: An Anthropological Perspective
6.Estimation of Endocranial Capacity and Identification of Sex from Adult Human Skull of Eastern India
Vol-6 Issue-4
1.Nature Talk
Waiting For A National Tribal Policy
2.Ethno - Pedagogy
3.Profile of a Humane Anthropologist
4. Megalithic Cultural tradition amongst the Khasi and Jaintia tribes of North-East India
5.Bio-Cultural Study Of Variation In Utilization Of Resources In Different Tribal Zones Of Orissa
6.Social transformation in a rural village of Gujarat
7.Resolution of Conflicts Over Land Resources: A Case of Nyishi Tribe in Arunachal Pradesh
8.Recontextualization of Legacy of Tribal Rebellion and Significance of PESA
9.Zomi Traditional Festivals And Sacrifices: An Analytical Study
10.Usha Deka
An Obituary
Vol-6 Issue-3
1.Nature Talk
The National Tribal Policy- Is it forgotten?
2.The New Dimension and Approach of Tribal Welfare
3.Tribal Land and Forest Issues in Odisha: An Overview
4.Componential Analysis of Saora Kinship Terms
5.Preservation of Tribal Culture and Tradition: An Appraisal
6.Inequality in living standard among Tribal households of Odisha: A rural/urban comparison
7.Traditional Practices in Agriculture among the Apatanis of Arunachal Pradesh
Vol-6 Issue-2
1.Nature Talk
2.Lodhas of West Bengal : A Case Study
3.Saora Kinship Terminology
4.The Social and Cultural Problems of Tribes
5.Statehood Demands after Telengana: Politics of Agitation in the Koshal Region in Odisha
6.Archaeological Excavation at Banga of Harirajpur, District Puri, Coastal Odisha: A preliminary Report
Vol-6 Issue-1
1.Nature Talk
2.Education for Children of Tribal Communities in Odisha
3.Folklore Studies In Odisha Revisited
4.Hill Politics and Political Movements Among the ZO Tribes in North-East India
5.The Portrait Of Tribal Culture
6.Right to Food, Hunger and Under-Nutrition In India
7.Santhal Rebellion: The First War Of Independence
8.Wild Edible Tubers in Tribal Food Habit of Koraput, Odisha
Vol-5 Issue-4
1.Nature Talk
Niyam-Raja as the Saviour!
2.Neolithic Money: A Matter Off Market
3.Negotiated ‘Identities’: A Case Study of Tamil Nadu
4.Electoral Participation: An Overview of 2003 and 2008 Assembly Elections to Meghalaya legislative Assembly
5.Electoral Politics in Meghalaya: A Study of Lok Sabha Elections in 2004 and 2009.
6.Administrative Changes In The Lushai Hills Under The British Rule
7.Indebtedness among the Marine Fishery Communities in Odisha
8.People-centric R and R policy is necessary
Vol-5 Issue-3
1.Nature Talk
2.The Notion of God in Jewish and Etsako Traditions: A Comparative Study
3.Reinventing Baul: Performance and Discourse
4.The State of Tribal Health in Odisha
5.Tribal Poverty in Rural Odisha
6.Indian Tribes and the Politics of Inclusion and Exclusion
Vol-5 Issue-2
1.Nature Talk
2.Agrobiodiversity Conservation And Tribal Women of Koraput, Odisha
3.Development and Tribal Women of Odisha
4.Transition from Ethnic Group to Ethnic Identity
5.A Study on Tibetan Refugees of Chandragiri, Odisha
6.Urbanisation, Migration and Poverty in Jharkhand:Problems and Prospects
Vol-5 Issue-1
1.Nature Talk
2.Organic Rice Production for Sustainable Ecosystem and Farming
3.Globalization and Changing Tribal Identity in North East India: Emerging Issues
4.Origin, Culture And Kinship Structure Of Hill Saora
5.Rice Rituals of Orissa
6.Poverty and Tribal Development in Jharkhand: Issues and Challenges
7.A Specific Plan Of Action For Increase in Production Of Rice
Vol-4 Issue-4
1.Nature Talk
2.Hunger and Coping Strategies Among Kondh Tribe In Kalahandi District, Odisha
3.Hinduized Tribal Priests in the Cult of Jagannatha
4.Folk Literature in Orissa
5.A Disappearing Tribal World: and its fast-vanishing Traditional Way of Life
6.Politics Of Gender In African Folktale Performance Art: The Feminist Perspective
7.Samalai And Sitalasasti
8.Tribes , Tribalism and Challenges to Administration
Vol-4 Issue-3
1.Nature Talk
2.Ganda Tales of Origin
3.Culture Contacts and Eco-Cultural Shock
4.The Counting Sisters and Other Stories
5.Cultural Mapping Of Orissa: Interdisciplinary Perspectives
6.Cultural Genocide: an appropriate concept in today’s world?
7.Involuntary Displacement Of Tribals: Dandakaranya Experience
8.The Social Construction of Symbols, Rituals, Institutions and Folklores, its relation to Worldviews
Vol-4 Issue-2
1.Nature Talk
2.A perspective on the ASI
3.Adivasi Voices in an age of Investment-Induced Displacement
4.Kapilas:A Centre of Cultural Activities
5.Naxalite Movement in Tribal Areas of India: Causes and Suggestions
6.Planning From Below
7.R.P.I. Okenrentie And His Contributions To The Development Of Art Music In Bendel State, Nigeria
8.Back to swidden cultivation: A Case Study of the Juang of North Odisha, India
9.Tribal World In Transition: A Study On Odishan Tribes
10.Books and Blurbs
Vol-4 Issue-1
1.Nature Talk
2.Intercommunity Interaction and preservation of Tribal Culture
3.Security Dimension of Degradation on Indigenous Communities
4.Semiotics of the Orphan in Esan Performance Folktales
5.The Kondh Tribe
6.Ali in Tribal Land
7.Who are Responsible for the Backwardness of the tribal people?
8.Books and Blurbs
Vol-3 Issue-6
1.Nature Talk
2.Tribal psychotherapeutic systems
3.Orissan Tribes in Noah’s Flood:
Cultural Imperialism and the Dynamics of Culture Contacts
4.Male Dominance In Chhau Dance: An Analysis
Vol-3 Issue-5
1.Nature Talk
2.Dr. R. N. Dash, An Humble Researcher
3.Leadership And Community Administrative Structure Of Santal
4.Kondh Art and Crafts: Studies of the Nineteenth century
5.Tribal Religions In Their Modern Environment
Vol-3 Issue-4
2.Nature Talk
3.Birth Rituals of the Ho Tribe
4.Women of Meghalaya
5.A Brief Note of Sustainable Development among Himalayan Tribes
Vol-3 Issue-3
2.Nature Talk
3.Folklore, water and development.
4.Dances from the east: Manipur
5.Rural Technology Park and Women Entrepreneurship in Jharkhand
Vol-3 Issue-2
2.Nature Talk
3.Tribal Children: Back to School
4.Chhau: Dance through the ages
5.Niyamgiri Hills
Abode of the Dongria Kondh
Vol-3 Issue-1
1.Nature Talk
2.A Brief Historical Account of Yimjenkimong
3.Gallery: North-East India Project Yimjenkimong - 2006-07
4.Unstoppable Biyotkesh: An Obituary
5.The Tana Bhagat: An Observation in Contemporary Situation in Jharkhand
Vol-2 Issue-12
1.Nature Talk
2.Podu Cultivation
3.The Carpenter and the Goldsmith
4.Few Reflections on Visual Anthropology
5.Song : Tactor (tractor) chadhilani desiatukake dara
Vol-2 Issue-11
1.Nature Talk
2.The Onge of the Andamans
3.Bandana Festival Of Kudmis Of Eastern India
4. A Lodha Sabara story
Vol-2 Issue-10
1.Nature Talk
2.The Koya
3.A Sabara Story
4.Festivals of the Bhuinyas of Orissa
Vol-2 Issue-9
1.Nature Talk
2.Didayi Song
3.Tribal Culture Language and Self-Rule
4.To Save Our Forest is to Work with the People
Vol-2 Issue-8
1.Nature Talk
2.Old Couple
3.Juang Dwellings vs. Modern Housing
4.Simko Genocide A Testimony of Tribal Protest
Vol-2 Issue-7
1.Nature Talk
2.The Samantha
3.Primitive Tribes in India
4.Merchant with Two Wives
5.Food Nutrition And Culture Of Dongria Kondhs
Vol-2 Issue-6
1.Nature Talk
3.The Grove of Gods
4.The Chenchu of Andhra Pradesh
5.Significance of Sacred Groves IGRMS
6.DEITIES OF ORISSA: A case of Hindu and Tribal convergence
Vol-2 Issue-5
1.Nature Talk
3.Bhuiyan Uprising
4.Development, Displacement and Tribals
5.English Barbarism and the Kondhs of Ghumsur (Bhanjanagar)
6.Encounter with the British and the Coming of Kandhas to Balangir
Vol-2 Issue-4
1.Nature Talk
2.Tribes Of Bastar
3.Gadaba Tales - II
4.Car Festival Among The Tribals
Vol-2 Issue-3
1.Nature Talk
2.Gadaba Tales I
3.Statement Of Objects And Reasons Text And Note
4.Needs Substantial Changes to Protect Tribal Interests
5.Forests, Forest Lands & Displacement in Tribal Districts of Orissa
Vol-2 Issue-2
1.Nature Talk
3.Tribal Land: Use and Loss
4.Three Brothers One Flower
5.Rituals And Festivals Of The Ho Tribe
Vol-2 Issue-1
1.Nature Talk
2.A Bathudi Tale
3.Hitting the Target
4.Tribal Art Of Orissa
5.Chho Dance : A Technical Analysis
Vol-1 Issue-12
1.Nature Talk
2.Neula Gapa
3.IGRMS: Noah's Ark
4.My Folklore Novitiate
5.IGRMS Challenges Ahead
6.Tikhir "TSONGLAKNYI" Festival
7.Tribal Women United in Cooperatives
8.Museum Movement in Arunachal Pradesh
9.Hanging of Laxman Naik: A Tribal Gandhite
10.Tribal Development in Orissa: A Critical Appraisal
11.Jharkhand Development and Aspirations of the Tribals
Vol-1 Issue-11
1.Nature Talk
2.News Clippings
3.Malati Coudhury
4.Songs of 'Adi' Tribe
5.Malati Devi's Writings
6.Santala Creation Stories
7.Tribal Service Work In Orissa
8.Facsimile of Our Early Ancestor
9.Unforgettable life in Koraput (Numa)
10.Malati Chaudhury: A Biographical Sketch
11.Tribals of Phulbani and Malati Chaudhury
Vol-1 Issue-10
1.Nature Talk
3.News Clippings
4.Sacred Worldview in Tribal Memory
5.Tribal Rights on Forest Land: Orissa Scenario
6.Music and Musical Instruments of Mayurbhanj Chho Dance
Vol-1 Issue-9
1.Nature Talk
2.News Clippings
3.Tales Through Iron
4.Story of The Barber
5.Dance Forms of the Bhuiyas
6.Perspectives on Religious Syncretism in India
7.Porblems in Educating Tribal Children; The Dongria Kondh Experiences
Vol-1 Issue-8
1.Nature Talk
2.News Items
3.Juanga Food
4.Knowing the Tribes
5.The Spirit of the Tribal Women
6.The Story of Ramaraja of Athara Deula
7.Perspectives on Religious Syncretism in India
Vol-1 Issue-7
1.Nature Talk
2.Festival of The Parjas
3.The Origin of Manikeswari
4.Ram Singh Urveti: A profile of an Artist
5.Marriage Customs among The Oraons
6.Shifting Cultivation by the Juangs of Orissa
7.Perspectives of Religious Syncretism in India
Vol-1 Issue-6
1.Nature Talk
2.Man, Nature and Culture
3.Tribal Languages Of Orissa
4.Development of Tribal Areas
5.A Kandha Mixed Bag Narrative of Creation
6.Dr. A. Aiyappan - Pioneer of Post Independence Museum Movement in Orissa
Vol-1 Issue-5
1.Nature Talk
2.Tsunami, Tribes & Media
3.Aboriginal People of Andaman
4.Ritual Sacrifice Among the Kondh People
5.A Glimpse of Occult Practice in Bhuiyan Villages
Vol-1 Issue-4
1.Nature Talk
2.Echoes from the Hills
3.Food Culture of Koya Tribe
4.The Making of the Saunti Tribe
5.Intoxicating Beverages of The Bonda Highlanders
Vol-1 Issue-3
1.Nature Talk
2.Origin Of Bathudis: Myths and Legends
3.Tribal World of Orissa: A Demographic View
4.Rhythm in the Hills; Tribal Dances Of Orissa
5.Ethnographic Profile Of Highland Bonda of Orissa
6.The Totos: A small Primitive Tribe of West Bengal
Vol-1 Issue-2
1.Artist in the Forest
2.Tribes knew Iron Smelting
3.Juang Art in Rings and Anklets
4.Youngest of Seven Sons: A Juang Story
5.Birsa Munda: A Hero of Tribal Movement
6.Indian Tribal Folklore: The Biyot Tripathy Collection
Vol-1 Issue-1
1.Tribal Dialects
2.Tribal Scene In India
3.Lanjia Saora of Orissa
4.Tribes and Indian Constitution
5.Santali: Language and Script
6.Ho: A Glimpse of Tribal Life In Transition