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Vol-8 Issue-4
1. Nature Talk
2. Deprivation and Development in Tribal Areas
3. Human Diversity Study in Odisha: An Overview
4. The Saptapuri Ritual and the Folk-Beliefs in Orissa
5. Report On Skeletal Material Recovered From Golabai


 Other Issues-

Tripathy, Dr. Biyotkesh
Address:1018A Nayapalli
City:Bhubaneswar, Orissa
Zip:751 012
(Began teaching as Lecturer in 1958. Became Reader in 1970).

Professor & Head, Departments of English, Himachal Univ. 1973-1976

Professor & Head Departments of English, Berhampur Univ. 1976-1990

Professor & Head, Departments of English, Utkal Univ. 1990-1996

Principal Investigator, Tribal Folklore Research Project (University Grants Commission). 1997-2000

Ph.D., Univ. of Calcutta. A.M. Univ. of Wisconsin (Madison). M.A., Univ. of Calcutta.
British Council Visitorship, 1992 (Cambridge University). Senior Fulbright, 1991(University of Wisconsin & SUNY at Buffalo). American Council of Learned Societies Senior Fellow 1978-79 (SUNY at Buffalo). Fulbright, 1965-66 (University of Wisconsin, Madison). Regina Guha Gold Medal (U. of Calcutta, 1957).



The Major Novels of D.H.Lawrence: An Approach to his Art and Ideas.

1973. Delhi: Service, 1977.

Osiris N: the Victim and the American Novel. Amsterdam: Gruner, 1985.

The Oxford English-English-Oriya Dictionary: Delhi: Oxford UP, 2003.

The Indian Mind. Ed.: Bhubaneswar: Gyanajuga, 2004.

Ed. Six books of poetry, drama and prose, published by Oxford UP India.

Papers: About 50, in different journals.


Novels and Story-Collections: Two novels in Oriya and two in English; and one short story collection in Oriya; about thirty short stories in Oriya and English published in magazines; about twenty poems in English published in magazines.


Criticism: 1. "Terminal Configurations in the American Novel." 2. "Recovery of the Text." 3. "Cultural Imperialism: Myth and Reality."


"From the Margin to the Center: Mythology and Folklore of the Tribal People of Orissa."

Articles in the Tribal Tribune
Vol-4 Issue-3 : Ganda Tales of Origin
Vol-3 Issue-6 : Orissan Tribes in Noah’s Flood:
Cultural Imperialism and the Dynamics of Culture Contacts
Vol-2 Issue-12 : Song : Tactor (tractor) chadhilani desiatukake dara
Vol-2 Issue-12 : The Carpenter and the Goldsmith
Vol-2 Issue-11 : A Lodha Sabara story
Vol-2 Issue-10 : A Sabara Story
Vol-2 Issue-9 : Didayi Song
Vol-2 Issue-8 : Old Couple
Vol-2 Issue-7 : Merchant with Two Wives
Vol-2 Issue-6 : The Grove of Gods
Vol-2 Issue-5 : Encounter with the British and the Coming of Kandhas to Balangir
Vol-2 Issue-4 : Gadaba Tales - II
Vol-2 Issue-3 : Gadaba Tales I
Vol-2 Issue-2 : Three Brothers One Flower
Vol-1 Issue-12 : My Folklore Novitiate
Vol-1 Issue-12 : Neula Gapa
Vol-1 Issue-11 : Santala Creation Stories
Vol-1 Issue-10 : Mallibati
Vol-1 Issue-9 : Story of The Barber
Vol-1 Issue-8 : The Story of Ramaraja of Athara Deula
Vol-1 Issue-7 : The Origin of Manikeswari
Vol-1 Issue-6 : A Kandha Mixed Bag Narrative of Creation
Vol-1 Issue-4 : The Making of the Saunti Tribe
Vol-1 Issue-3 : Origin Of Bathudis: Myths and Legends
Vol-1 Issue-2 : Youngest of Seven Sons: A Juang Story


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