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Vol-8 Issue-4
1. Nature Talk
2. Deprivation and Development in Tribal Areas
3. Human Diversity Study in Odisha: An Overview
4. The Saptapuri Ritual and the Folk-Beliefs in Orissa
5. Report On Skeletal Material Recovered From Golabai


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Duary, Dr. Nabakumar
Address:27, Jawaharlal Nehru Road
City:Kolkata, West Bengal
Phone:91-033-22861733, 22861781
Research Associate(Cultural), Anthropological Survey of India.
Qualification: Social-Cultural Anthropology from the University of Calcutta, Ph.D. degree by Ranchi University. Worked in the Institute of Social Research and Applied Anthropology, Calcutta, as a Research Fellow and served as a Junior Research Fellow of the Anthropological Survey of India (An. S.I.), Government of India, in Calcutta and Ranchi.
He has research experience of more than one decade and has conducted empirical study among major tribal groups including primitive tribes in West Bengal, Jharkhand and Andhra Pradesh states of India. He also studied on the rural folk painters of Indo-Nepal border of Bihar state. The focal area of his research is on tribal and folk culture of India. He has published more than one dozen of research articles in edited books and journals' and made - significant contribution in the field of education of tribals, economy, health, ecology, art, religion and traditions. He has been associated with many professional organizations and life members of the various anthropological institutions. Dr. Duary has participated in many anthropological seminars and workshops at national and international level.
Articles in the Tribal Tribune
Vol-3 Issue-1 : The Tana Bhagat: An Observation in Contemporary Situation in Jharkhand
Vol-1 Issue-7 : Marriage Customs among The Oraons


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