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Vol-8 Issue-4
1. Nature Talk
2. Deprivation and Development in Tribal Areas
3. Human Diversity Study in Odisha: An Overview
4. The Saptapuri Ritual and the Folk-Beliefs in Orissa
5. Report On Skeletal Material Recovered From Golabai


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Shashank Grahacharjya
Address:S/o Er. Narayan Prasad Nayak, Netajee Nagar, Madhupatna
City:Cuttack, Odisha
Has more than two decades of professional experience at managerial positions in development and humanitarian sectors in India and abroad. Shashank holds Masters Degrees in Business Administration and Rural Development. Shashank has led execution of various relief and recovery operations, and rehabilitation projects. He has expertise in the areas of livelihood, food and nutrition, and maternal and child health. He has contributed to the policy analysis of various food-aid flagship programmes in India. He has been associated with the facilitation of the institutional capacity building and streamlining of Disaster Risk Reduction in development plans. He has conducted several evaluation studies and series of training programmes. Currently, Shashank is working as the Head of Sub Office for UN World Food Programme (in the Horn of Africa region) in Ethiopia.
Articles in the Tribal Tribune
Vol-8 Issue-2 : Food Habits of Lanjia Saora and Nutritional Status of their Children


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