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Vol-8 Issue-4
1. Nature Talk
2. Deprivation and Development in Tribal Areas
3. Human Diversity Study in Odisha: An Overview
4. The Saptapuri Ritual and the Folk-Beliefs in Orissa
5. Report On Skeletal Material Recovered From Golabai


 Other Issues-

Dr. Kanhu Charan Satapathy
Address:P. G. Department of Anthropology (CAS), Utkal University, Vani Vihar, Bhubaneswar, Odisha
Reader in Anthropology
Articles in the Tribal Tribune
Vol-8 Issue-4 : Human Diversity Study in Odisha: An Overview
Vol-8 Issue-3 : Prevalence of Anemia among KutiaKondha of TumudibandhaBlock,Kandhamal District, Odisha
Vol-8 Issue-1 : Significance of Morphometric analysis of Foramen Magnum of Human Dry Crania for the Estimation of Sex
Vol-7 Issue-3 : Health status of Tribal Women of Mayurbhanj, Odisha: A Case study
Vol-7 Issue-2 : Epidemiology of blood pressure among some tribes of India:Bhumij, Bathudi and Savar
Vol-7 Issue-1 : Estimation of Endocranial Capacity and Identification of Sex from Adult Human Skull of Eastern India
Vol-5 Issue-2 : A Study on Tibetan Refugees of Chandragiri, Odisha


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