Nature Talk

    The e-zine The Tribal Tribune has completed two calendar years, appearing for 24th time this August. The month of August is historically important for India. All we hope that this net magazine will also make its stable presence after its toddler stage. In two years, it has attracted attention of interested persons not only in Indian states, but also outside India. It is in the interest of all well wishers and active readers, to enrich its contents and elevate the standards.

    Various aspects of life conditions and culture of our ancient communities have so far been focused. The traditional knowledge of people, who are yet to be absorbed by high technology civilization, is our assets. That knowledge has contributed to survival of human being up to present stage. In absence of electronic gadgets, the ancient communities used their own sensible methods to avert mass destruction by natural calamities. Diseases were tackled with indigenous ways of treatment. Social equilibrium and tranquility was maintained with strict rules and ethical norms. Hi-tech society is enjoying reckless life at the cost of social peace. Women are treated as commodity of luster.

    In this era of highly unequal competition to achieve economic success, mental peace has been sacrificed and insecurity prevails. This is mostly due to utter neglect of ancient wisdom. The Tribal Tribune has so far served and aims at serving, the knowledge has so far served and aims at serving, the knowledge concealed among the people who are marginalized by the self –proclaimed civilized citizens. The social strength of our so-called tribal citizens, lay in the simplistic view points about life activities, with more human attitude. In their societies, the aged persons hold high respect and security, rule violation were handled with appropriate punishment. Modern laws are so elaborate, complicated and institutionalized that a common man can not seek justice or get the culprit properly punished.

    India is a vast geographical land mass, with varying climate at particular time. Biodiversity is unique and so also human diversity. In the population one can find all physically variant forms. Very ancient communities are still found in the mainland and island.

    Many ancient communities have merged with others and many have still maintained distinctive identity. Ancient literatures carry various tales about such people who have enriched Hindu mythology. Unfortunately, many such communities could not catch the bus for modernization. They have preserved their age-old practice inside their social enclave. We require extricating these treasures and saving from destruction. The Tribal Tribune may serve as a medium for that.   


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