Nature Talk

    The New Year of 2008 hopefully shall usher in a period of increasing viewership for the site, possibly the only one for a publication on net on tribes and indigenous populations brought out in magazine format. It was never unexpected to conceive of such endeavour particularly when those who conceived belonged to the 62 tribes strong Indian State of Orissa which also boasts of at least half a century old academic studies on tribes in its universities and institutions. Since it was conceived eight years ago and three years since it has been materially on net, it is for viewers to see its coverage, under which all care has been taken to make the presentation of the topics as rich in content as in form. We thank all those who have made this possible. Possibly more could have been achieved in terms of diversity in coverage had we been more successful in persuading our State academics engaged in tribal research to contribute articles to this e-zine. The effort is however on. But in the meantime we are overwhelmed by the interest in this e-zine that we are finding amongst academics and activists from different parts of the country and the globe. Their promise to contribute articles and to see this venture continue has become a great source of our resolution to go ahead. With such contributions, we look forward the e-zine becoming rich in information and analysis that may bridge up the remotest with the latest.

     No venture can be sustained in isolation though it may begin so. No novel venture shall ever remain ignored. Never it has been so true as it is today in the age of Internet. That there are people across the globe to share the same interest as yours is our realization. More there number is more effective shall this e-zine be.