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Govt. Of Orissa Activities Report 2004-05

    Underdevelopment of any community is like a chronic ailment with multiple reasons. In India, many communities remained socially isolated in such a manner that deprived them of many benefits of industrial civilization. In colonial days, the ruling class did not do much to improve economy and living conditions. In traditional way of life, these communities, did not show any interest to modern education and grab opportunity for economically lucrative occupation.

    They mostly did not possess fertile land for cultivation. Those who live in hilly terrain practiced age-old less supportive shifting cultivation and collected natural food available in the forest. Those who were artisans gradually found their products non-marketable under competition from the industrial or mechanical sectors. The cattle-herders or fishing communities also could not find their traditional occupation very remunerative.

    Under economic distress these people neither could send their wards to attend school or could make them engaged in their family occupation. In this manner many rich cultural and indigenous technical traditions are on the way of extinction.

    In democratic nation, the government has taken up programs to improve economy, education and health alienated communities. But to translate these plans in action, only government machinery is not adequate. Today many voluntary organizations have come forward with this mission, but these are not any benefit making interest.

    In India there were few people even in the days of colonial regime, who were enthused to carry on beneficial work among such people who shied away from the so called "developed" people. These people nurtured concealed philanthropic fire in their huts for which a secured life with luxury could not allure them. They mixed with the marginal people understood their feelings and tried to deliver their due benefits.

    Those who lighted the torch in the initial days are no more with us, but the fire kindled by them has ignited many souls. It is very important to remember them and get glimpses of their thought, so that their noble endeavour do not sublimate in the air.

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