Nature Talk

Human civilization has now brought the whole earth under its domain. Technologically developed and economically rich nations are expanding their devices and other developing nations are following them. Not surprisingly, such expansion, when propelled by a design to dominate, causes tension, military conflict, and rebellion etc., which we find occurring in some or other part of the world.

In the present day world, access to modern gadgets has become a determinant of the height of human civilization; no human society is considered civilized if it does not have access to modern gadgets. But it is an irony that many such gadgets like mobile phones, cooling systems like AC and refrigerator spew radiations and emissions that are hazardous to the physical environment around the human society. Yet these have become inseparable part of the civilized life. Even in the inaccessible terrains, dense forests, hilly areas, which are inhabited by the people of traditional technology, high-tension electric transmission lines and high power mobile towers, are found. It is another matter that these forest dwellers have largely avoided the clever aggressive people and maintain fair degree of segregation. Some communities still exist in remote areas in Latin America, Malaysia, Andaman-Nicobar islands, in African countries and elsewhere, who are successors of ancient human groups. They have so long survived by adopting with natural environment. Artificial tampering of atmospheric environment is beyond the control of such communities and many are already living on the edge.

No civilized nation has ever consulted or taken permission of such communities who rule their ancient habitat before usurping their rights. Because the civilized people consider such communities as ignorant, lack innovativeness and intelligence, and consider it their prerogative to decide what is right for these communities, and what should be done to improve their living standard. Their secluded habitats often become the areas of guerilla fight or cross border terrorism or experimentation of radioactive appliances. Civilized, leisure-seeking people tread into their habitat as tourists, and get entertained within the ambit of eco-tourism, which is a recently promoted activity within the broader framework of tourism.. Well-dressed rich tourists like to enjoy their dances in lieu of some gifts and make video-film for commercial purpose. Some such videography, in recent days, has been objected to. The message is : civilized people, who are entering into their pristine habitats, should respect their traditional living, should not consider them as commodity to be presented to the world to titillate the audience.