Didayi Song

Dr. Biyotkesh Tripathy

Teller: Radamani Majhi, Chingdi Majhi, Soni Majhi, Kalabati Majhi, Nila Majhi.

[F (all).20-35. Tribe: Didayi. Village: Oringi, Bonda foothills, Malkangiri. Date: December 25, 1997. Interviewer: Prof. B. K. Tripathy and Prof. E. Raja Rao. Cassette No. 11, Side-A. O. Tr. Pp: 35-51. F.N: Kpt. etc. Pp.____. Transcriber: Smita Rout. Status: As told (minor editing & emendation; editorial explanations and additions in square brackets). Type: Song.]

Translator: Banabasini Debi.

Song: Identity of songs.

(Q: Now which song are you singing?)
    It is a folk song.
(Q: Well, what is your name please?)
    Radamoni Majhi.
(Q: Your name please?)
    My name is Chingidi Majhi.
(Q: Your name?)
    My name is Soni Majhi.
(Q: What Majhi?)
    Soni Majhi.
(Q: Your name?)
    Kalabati Majhi, Kalap Majhi.
(Q: Your name?)
    Nila Majhi.
(Q: Yes, now you can start.)

Song: Patha Parab Gita (Village festival song)

         Please listen to me attentively,
         I am singing a song,
         Singing a song,
         O, my mind!

Under the blood, river Ganges is flowing,
Under the Maru tree river Ganges is flowing,
Even you have a hundred persons,
They are under my uncle,
But if you and me are there,
It is finished …. E.. ju…amey… bharu
You and me are enough.

         Over Siri Mountain, there is Gaiba.
         We will give tobacco, we will give,
         By seeing your personality
         I am giving you hope,
         But by seeing me, whether
         You have inclination or not?
         If no, then no again.
         If I go to you with
         Betel leaf in my hand,
         Do you have anything for me?

For digging a drain, you
Paid four Annas [twenty five paise]
For your drinking water, you
Paid the boy who brings it.
How will you know me,
My girl?
Even if we meet at times,
I shall pray for you. … Maney – maru
I shall pray for you.

         My mother’s mother is a chaste woman.
         If you and me will not meet,
         Then I shall die.
         You are not afraid of
         Death, so also I.
         Under the busy banana plant
         We will eat pulses.

In your bamboo basket
I shall carry your paddy,
So, don’t cry.
We will tie your four annas
On a bamboo pole.
If you have got liking for me,
We will register it with the government.

         I have kept rirumic on the path
         On which you tread,
         Because I want to know
         Your keenness for me.
         From village to village I see your
         Face everywhere.
         If you sing, it reminds me of
         The stanzas one after the other.

I am to write down everything
On pen and paper – E – tuma – maru
On pen and paper.
I cannot see what you
Write on pen and paper… Deta – Kina
Cannot see what you write.

         I have weighed you on a balance –E –tume-maru
         Weighted you on a balance.
         That weight haunts me – E – jai-chaku
         That weight haunts me.
         You sing very good songs –E – tume-varu
         Sing very good songs. 


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