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   It is generally presumed that the Tribal people (adivasi) are so ignorant of the prevailing rules and facilities that they fail to assert their rights. The officials who have served in the tribal areas have no better views. They are gullible and are convinced by their neighboring non-tribal people. This type of idea is half-truth, and almost synonymous with the word 'tribe', as if the non-tribal villagers are very careful and clever. Recent report indicates that many non-tribal (also tribal) cultivators are in severe debt trap after they adopted fertilizer dependent hybrid seeds for higher yield. The traditional farmers used known seed and manure of bio-origin and similar pesticides. Indeed, farmers were in debt, and exploited by the gentry, who were local. The indebted families lived at their mercy.

   The government stepped in to give loans resumes the ignorant farmer. The process is hazardous, which is less understood by the beneficiary. Corruption interferes and the cultivator with an undertaking of larger amount receives a lesser sum. Little knows the recipient. He considers it as donation by 'Sarkar' (Government). When repayment comes, he is summoned to the distant office and feel helpless. Thus many tribal farmer has refused to receive loan and not to enter their name in 'Sarkar' document.

   Tribal rights on homestead and farming land are protected, which can not be acquired by any person. Under the plan of industrialization and harnessing of Natural River water, large dams are coming up, displacing thousands of traditional villagers. This for national interest and sacrificing tribal from the ancestral homeland is justifiable. The ‘protected communities’ are utilized for political interest, became when 'reservation' or 'quota' is to be implemented. The 'tribe'/scheduled caste identify is respected, but for displacement, the 'individual' or 'family' is counted. This dual dealing doesn't respect the once-autonomous 'adivasi' identity.

   The property stricken tribal (and similar) people are also under pressure from the rebel groups, 'Naxalite' or 'Maoist' who operate on the forest areas, demanding development of local people. They are now expanding their operation using gun and fire weapons. Those who have ground knowledge know that such groups terrorize the government and contractors, whom they consider 'outside oppressor' of the tribal people. Many on-going construction projects have been stalled by them. The tribal villagers are also afraid of their so-called 'benefactors'. These areas are also full of special police force, which disturb the tranquility of the area.

   It is not known who take care of the interest of the tribal (or similar) people. Development plans, implementing machinery, actual operation and political attitude, all work in divergent manner. The social scientists have so far written volumes and in future add more, only for academic benefit. 


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