Nature Talk

    The Word 'tribe' invokes different connotations in our mind. The tribal people are different in appearance and behaviour from the designated civil societies, and are found to inhabit very inaccessible regions of the earth in their own ways. Anthropological literatures have thrived on focusing their life styles and belief systems to generate theories. Many literateurs have chosen to write novels and stories based on instances of their daily life, their joys and sorrows, songs, legends, etc. Their writings are more palatable to common readers than those of specialised treatise by anthropologists. The latter produce very incisive analyses, full of references, as a mark of erudition. So these are not easy to digest for an inquisitive rapid reading person.

    Some filmmakers have given visual impressions to the common viewers that tribes are very colourful, cheerful, interesting people living in picturesque hilly villages with some queer customs, and are very cruel in giving punishment. They enjoy business success by such depiction. Tour operators take camera-clicking tourists to tribal habitats. Politicians handle tribal people as bulk voters. The tribal people are gullible, not demanding and not problematic citizens, easily to be wooed by promises. Persons in power, who run government, introduce many plans, and development programmes allocating funds, which flow through many administrative sluice gates. The system breeds corruption and ultimately deprivation of the target people. The journalists highlight the malpractices and report the hardships of the tribal life in their own style. Some people, using these corrupt instances of administration, instigate gullible tribal youth, equip them with weapon and push them in the path of terror. Normal life is disturbed without benefit to any body. The situation gives opportunity to some educated persons to establish themselves as intellectuals by writing columns in newspapers or appearing on the television screen.

    It appears that "The Tribe" should remain as primitive as possible, atleast for the benefit of all categories of fortune seeking "advanced people". This E-magazine is to provide platform to courageous observers to explore practical views not only for the tribal communities but also for all human groups.

Supriya Ghoshmaulik