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     The Tribal Tribune has entered into the cyber world for the twelfth time, in the month of August 2005 when the spaceship Discovery successfully completed its journey as a mark of high degree of technological achievement. This is an era of knowledge-based society and this e-zine is working towards that direction. Knowledge is the source of strength of human development and should be kept free of any bias or falsehood. This journal is the result of dedicated efforts of some persons who have taken up the cause of a section of our citizens, who represent pre-technology stage of civilization. They are the children of nature and designated as 'Tribal' or 'primitive' people. Only some academic disciplines take interest in them and the world at large lack in proper information on their way of life. In poetic expression there are "many a ray of purest ray serene" lying in darkness and many "flowers bloom and blush unseen". The Tribal Tribune endeavour to acquaint the knowledge seekers with such people and their culture, maintaining academic sanctity. 

    The human society is neither uniform in composition and cultural pattern, nor static in nature. Human nature is not to yield to the adversaries and let the grasses grow under the feet. In this long quest to tame the disturbing forces, some group has developed techno based environment and some other have still remained in the lap of nature. The later are variously labeled as "primitive tribes" or "aborigines". These people depend on natural resources for their livelihood and have developed very intimate knowledge about it. Keen power of observation of natural phenomena and animal behaviour has helped then to survive. So when besieged with calamities they save themselves with previous precautions. The recent tsunami disaster exposed the efficiency of 'primitive wisdom' and limitation of techno dependent knowledge. The Tribal Tribune (January 200) highlighted this aspect.

    The primitive knowledge has helped the forest dwellers to combat different diseases, attack of venomous creatures, fractures etc. using herbal medicines and indigenous processes. The civilized world considered these as unscientific, but many modern health resorts are using such treatments in commercial way. The indigenous knowledge of nature therapy is gaining ground in cities but the progenitors remain in obscurity. 

    Modern form of visual art and musical notes have copiously drawn inspiration from such art forms of tribal people. As children of Nature, the tribal people expressed their sense of beauty through songs, murals, ornaments, tattoo etc. They weave their own dress with designs, and use various objects for displaying artistic caliber. They decorate human body. Being brought up amidst wild nature, they never nurture any foul sense about nudity. TO them the environment is animated. Only a distorted presentation about these people have created wrong ideas among the modern people who consider them as curious humans. This e-zine attempts to convey proper picture.

    Once self governed these people have very independent mentality and self dignity. In vast, many tribal leaders have fought for their territorial and ethnic rights and became martyrs. To the ruling authority the underground or over ground resources become more important for national development, then the people living there since generations. As a result, the tribals are often displaced or denied access to the local natural resources. The Tribal Tribune also provide forum for such victims of designed model of development, as also for those tribal persons who have earned reputation in various fields like education, politics, social welfare, administration, sports and games.

    In the era of cyber network, this magazine will hopefully carry unbiased knowledge to wide range of readers, who are expected to interact and enrich the future appearances.

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