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TV Producer/Director-Cameraman Countrywide Educational Television Network, University Grants Commission India, Worked for more than 600 TV films as Cameraman in 20 years\r\n


M.A Social Anthropology S.V. University India 1988.<br>\r\nB.A History & Archaeology Osmania University India 1985. <br>\r\nDIPLOMA IN PHOTOGRAPHY JNT University India 1982.\r\n\r\n


<LI>Won <B><I>Golden Nandi Award</I> </B><I>(First Best Documentary \r\n        Film)</I> of the government of AP India 2003 \r\n        <LI>Won <B><I>Special Mention Award </I></B>in the Mumbai International \r\n        Film Festival for <I>\"depicting an ancient</I> <I>Indian tribe in a \r\n        sensitive manner\"</I> 2004 \r\n        <LI>Won the <B><I>National Award</B></I> in the first UGC – Educational \r\n        TV Festival for the best production of an ethnographic film on <I>\"The \r\n        Koyas\"</I> a peasant tribe in Andhra Pradesh India 1988 \r\n        <LI>Was awarded the <B><I>Certificate of Merit</B></I> by the Federation \r\n        of Indian Photography 1983 \r\n        <LI>Was awarded the<B> <I>Gold Medal</I> </B>by the Jawaharlal Nehru \r\n        Technological University<B> </B>for<B> </B>an outstanding academic<B> \r\n        </B>achievement in <I>Photography </I><B></B>1982</LI>


<P align=justify></P><I><U>\r\n      <P align=justify>FESTIVALS, CONFERENCES AND WORKSHOPS</P>\r\n      <UL></B></I></U>\r\n        <LI>Participated in the <I>8<SUP>th</I></SUP> <I>International \r\n        Documentary Film Festival</I> <I>Jihlava Czech Republic </I>2004 \r\n        <LI>Participated in the <I>18<SUP>th</SUP> Parnu (Estonia)</I> \r\n        <I>International Documentary/Anthropology Film Festival</I> 2004 \r\n        <LI>Participated in the <I>International Video Festival on Science, \r\n        Society and Development</I> held at Thiruvananthapuram Kerala India 1995 \r\n\r\n        <LI>Awarded <B><I>Commonwealth Travel Grant</B></I> to participate as an \r\n        <B><I>Overseas Guest</B></I> in the Second <I>International Film \r\n        Festival, Conference and Workshop</I> on <B><I>\"Ethnographic \r\n        Film\"</B></I> in Manchester UK sponsored by the Royal Anthropological \r\n        Institute of Great Britain and Ireland 1990 \r\n        <LI>Participated in the Indo-American <B><I>Educational \r\n        Television</B></I> production workshop at Educational Media Research \r\n        Centre Hyderabad India 1988 \r\n        <LI>Participated in the International conference on <B><I>Visual \r\n        Anthropology</B></I> held at Jodhpur India 1987 \r\n        <LI>Participated in the Indo-British <B><I>Educational \r\n        Television</B></I> production workshop at Educational Media Research \r\n        Centre Ahmedabad India 1986\r\n        <P></P></LI></UL><B><U>\r\n      <P align=justify></P><I>\r\n      <P align=justify>PUBLICATIONS AND ETHNOGRAPHY</P>\r\n      <UL></B></I></U>\r\n        <LI>Hosted <B><I>ethnophotographic</I> </B>web features on <I>the \r\n        Chenchus, the Samanthas and the Koyas</I> in the website </FONT><A \r\n        href=\"http://www.peoplesoftheworld.org/\"><B><FONT face=Verdana \r\n        size=1>www.peoplesoftheworld.org</B></FONT></A><B><FONT face=Verdana \r\n        size=1> </B>2003 <B><I>\r\n        <LI>\"KOYA\"</B></I> a peasant tribe in Andhra Pradesh, India, an \r\n        <B><I>ethnographic abstract</B></I> in <B>\"An Encyclopedic \r\n        <LI>Profile of Indian Tribes\"</B> New Delhi: Discovery Publishing House \r\n        1995 \r\n        <LI>Produced an ethnographic monograph called <B><I>\"Landscape and \r\n        Life\"</I> </B><I>Cultural Ecology of the Koyas</I> in Bhadrachalam \r\n        Agency Andhra Pradesh India, based on the fieldresearch done as part of \r\n        coursework in Social Anthropology at Sri Venkateshwara University \r\n        Tirupati India 1988</LI></UL>\r\n      <P align=justify></P><B><I><U>\r\n      <P align=justify>FILMOGRAPHY</P>\r\n      <UL></I></U>\r\n        <LI>In Search of Ethnic Dimension</B> <B><I>THE KOYAS</I> </B>(In two \r\n        parts)<B> </B>1988 <B><I>\r\n        <LI>THE SAMANTHAS</I> </B><I>an anthropo vision</I> 1994 <B><I>\r\n        <LI>ARCHIVE</I> </B><I>a source for the past</I> 1995 <B><I>\r\n        <LI>CHENCHUS</I> </B><I>Children of the Forest</I> <I>an ethnic \r\n        vision</I> 2003 <B><I>\r\n        <LI>TRIBAL DISPLACEMENT</I> </B><I>an anthropo vision</I> 2004</LI></UL>\r\n      <P align=justify></P><B><I><U>\r\n      <P align=justify>SPECIAL SKILLS</P>\r\n      <UL></B></U>\r\n        <LI>Electronic Cinematography \r\n        <LI>TV Production / Direction / Editing \r\n        <LI>Pictorial Photography \r\n        <LI>Ethnographic Fieldresearch \r\n        <LI>Documentary Film \r\n        <LI>Visual Anthropology</LI></UL></I></FONT></FONT>